Blues Caravan 2017

Big Daddy Wilson, Vanessa Collier, Si Cranstoun

Ruf Records Blues Caravan 2017: Blues Got Soul

Take a floor-filling London soul man. Add a golden-voiced Southern States storyteller. Throw in a fast-rising New York singer/saxophonist. Then hold on to your hats. The legendary Blues Caravan is coming to your town in 2017 – with a three-artist bill that promises fireworks.

The Blues Caravan isn’t like other tours. Hosted annually by Ruf Records since 2005, it reignites the grand tradition of the travelling revue show, putting a trio of stellar acts on the same bill for a night of high-octane rock ‘n’ roll. Backed by the seasoned Blues Caravan rhythm section – plus special guest guitarist Laura Chavez, formerly of the Candye Kane Band – each artist plays a killer set of their own songs, before joining forces for the grand finale.

You can rely on Si Cranstoun to move your feet. Inspired by the vintage soul of Jackie Wilson and Sam Cooke, this charismatic British bandleader has graduated from an apprenticeship busking on the streets of London to the head of the vintage R&B scene. You can expect to hear hip-shaking original material from last year’s acclaimed Old School album – plus fan-favourite singles like “Dynamo” – delivered in a voice like sunshine. “It’s most important that I don't come off as an imitator,” Si explains, “and also that the song I’m singing has a kick-ass melody, whether it's my own or on loan. I love to play ‘Old School’, ‘Coupe De Ville’ and ‘Dynamo’, as they get the crowd going. And it’s gonna be a lot of fun to share the stage on the Blues Caravan, because you never know what’s gonna happen. I hope we can really tear the place up!”

Some say that great American bluesmen are a dying breed. They’re wrong – and Big Daddy Wilson is the proof. Born in North Carolina, his astonishing backstory includes several years of service in the US Army, followed by his discovery of the blues and relocation to Germany. In 2009, Wilson’s Ruf debut Love Is The Key showcased a voice that could stop traffic, and since then, his career highlights have included victory at the 2010 German Blues Challenge and recognition for his acoustic work with the title of Best Blues Artist at the 2014 Blues In Germany Awards. “For my Blues Caravan performance,” he says, “you can expect that I’ll be true to the BDW storytelling vibe and having a lot of fun. What’s very important to me is to be able to connect with people. Write songs that everyone can relate to and make someone smile.”

Vanessa Collier is going places. A graduate of the Berklee College Of Music, the New Yorker’s pure vocals and stinging saxophone work saw her light up stages as the support act for Joe Louis Walker, while 2014’s debut album Heart Soul & Saxophone was declared “magnificent” on Dan Aykroyd’s blues radio show. With her original songs and onstage charisma, Vanessa’s sets are sure to be a high point of the Blues Caravan, while she’s looking forward to turning up the heat alongside her fellow performers. “I think that wonderful things happen when you get more than one artist in a room,” she explains. “With Big Daddy Wilson, Si Cranstoun and me, we all have our own styles and personalities onstage that will meld well together, and I believe the collaboration will continually raise the bar every performance. I can’t wait!”

With chemistry firing and sparks flying, the Blues Caravan has given fans across the US and Europe countless performances to treasure over the years. And something tells us the 2017 lineup will make it another vintage year…

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Neckbone Stew

Big Daddy Wilson

1.Cross Creek Road
2.7 Years
3.Neckbone Stew
4.I Just Need A Smile
5.Tom Cat
6.He'll Make A Way
7.Give Me One Reason
8.Running Shoes
9.My Babe
10.Damn If I Do
11.Cookies Gonna Kill Me
12.The River
Bonus Track Peanut Butter Pic

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  1. 1 Neckbone Stew 05:40


Big Daddy Wilson

feat. Eric Bibb & Staffan Astner

LABEL Dixiefrog

1. Time To Move
2. Bullfrog
3. She Loves Me
4. Mississippi John
5. Some Say
6. Time
7. Dead End Road
8. Would You Look At That Car
9. Like A Sunny Day
10. New Zealand - Aotearoa
11. Miss Dorothy Lee
12. Mama's Words
13. We're Ready
14. Daisy

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  1. 1 Time To Move 03:23
  2. 2 Time 04:12


Live in Europe - From Bremen To Paris

Big Daddy Wilson

Recorded at Kito, Bremen (D) on Dec 21st, 2013 and L'Onde, Vélizy Villacoublay/Paris (F) on Jan 22nd-23rd, 2014

LABEL phamosa records

Big Daddy Wilson - vocals, percussions, guitar
Roberto Morbioli - guitar, background vocals
Paolo Legramandi - bass, background vocals

1. I Got To Move
2. John The Revelator
3. Stranger
4. Texas Boogie
5. Baby's Coming Home Again
6. I Wanna Be Your Man
7. Anna Mae
8. Intercity Train
9. Drop Down Here
10. Show Dog
11. Ain't No Slave
12. Baby Don't Like
13. True Love

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  1. 1 Stranger 04:40
  2. 2 Intercity Train 05:09
  3. 3 Show Dog 03:59

I'm Your Man

Big Daddy Wilson

LABEL Dixiefrog

1. Travellin' Blues
2. Hold The Ladder
3. I'm Your Man
4. I Wanne Be Your Man
5. My Day Will Come
6. Please
7. Hurricane
8. Oh Carolina
9. Born Loser
10. Baby's Coming Home Again
11. Show Dog
12. I'm So Glad

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  1. 1 Hold The Ladder 03:51
  2. 2 I Wanna Be Your Man 00:46
  3. 3 Born Loser 00:45

Live in Luxembourg at L'Inoui

Big Daddy Wilson

LABEL phamosa records

Big Daddy Wilson - vocals & percussions
Roberto Morbioli - guitar & background vocals
Michael van Merwyk - guitar & background vocals
Detlef Blanke - bass & background vocals
Oliver Spanuth - drums

1. Don't Ever Let Nobody Drag Your Spirit Down
2. Drop Down Here
3. Walk A Mile In My Shoes
4. Who's Dat Knocking
5. Stranger
6. John The Revelator
7. Thumb A Ride
8. Anna Mae
9. Texas Boogie
10. Intercity Train
11. This Is How I Live
12. I Heard The Angel Sing
13. Country Boy

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Thumb A Ride

Big Daddy Wilson

LABEL Ruf Records

Thumbs up! by Vincent Abbate

American musician Wilson Blount resides near Bremen and has been enlivening Germany's blues scene with consistently fine work for many years. His newest creation Thumb A Ride represents probably his greatest achievement to date. The album of top-notch acoustic blues grabs the listener and never lets go. The strength of the material is one reason. Blount's dark, rich, uniquely quavering voice is another. He's a man who sounds like he believes in what he's doing. Just as impressive, however, is the interplay of the four musicians who accompany him, especially the guitar duo of Jochen Bens and Michael van Merwyk. The two team players harmonize beautifully with one another and deliver excellent solos throughout. Outstanding. www.rocks-magazin.de

  1. Thumb A Ride
  2. Baby Don't Like
  3. This Is How I Live
  4. Anna Mae
  5. Sweet Tooth
  6. It Don't Get No Better
  7. Who's Dat Knocking
  8. 4 Daughters And A Strong Loving Wife
  9. Cold Is The Wind
  10. Drop Down Here
  11. Way Back Yonder
  12. Brother Blood
  13. If You Were Mine
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  1. 1 Thumb A Ride 02:53
  2. 2 Baby Don't Like 02:56
  3. 3 This Is How I Live 03:40

Love Is The Key

Big Daddy Wilson

LABEL Ruf Records

1. Country Boy
2. Jazzy Rose
3. Anna
4. Love Is The Key
5. Walk A Mile In My Shoes
6. Ain't No Slave
7. Keep Your Faith In Jah
8. Stranger
9. Hard Days Work
10. Dreaming
11. Waiting On You

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  1. 1 Country Boy 03:55
  2. 2 Jazzy Rose 03:23
  3. 3 Anna 05:01

...Doin' It Right

Big Daddy Wilson

LABEL Moonsound Records

1. Ain't no slave
2. Doin' it right
3. Keep on trying
4. Why
5. True love
6. Show dog
7. Alberta
8. Walking blues
9. Rest of my life
10. Rail road work song
11. Intercity train
12. Summertime intro
13. Summertime
14. Big boss man
15. Where you been so long 16. Thanks for the night

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Big Daddy Wilson & Doc Fozz feat. Klaus Grossert


1. I Heard The Angels Singing
2. Before You Accuse Me
3. Let Me Love You Baby
4. You Can Love Yourself
5. Walking
6. San Francisco Bay
7. Born With The Blues
8. My Day Will Come
9. Motherless Child
10. Grandma's Hands
11. Early In The Morning
12. Wanna Be Your Man
13. Raildroad Worksong
14. Loola Loo
15. Summertime
16. Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay

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Walk A Mile In My Shoes / SOLD OUT !

Big Daddy Wilson & Doc Fozz

LABEL Moonsound Records

1. Walk a mile in my shoes
2. Freight train
3. On the run
4. I heard the angels singin'
5. Don't ever let nobody drag your spirit down
6. This little light of mine
7. Please
8. Wanna be your man
9. Two little nice ones
10. Hurricane
11. Crazy world
12. Right or wrong
13. Brother blood
14. Walking

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My Day Will Come

Big Daddy Wilson & Doc Fozz

LABEL Moonsound Records

1. Talking to myself
2. My day will come
3. Motherless child
4. Grandma´s hands
5. Hand it over
6. Tell old Bill
7. Travelling blues
6. A little bit
7. Summertime
8. Crazy world
9. Texas boogie
10. Early in the morning
11. Born with the blues
12. Nobody knows
13. Walk with me lord

Wilson about this CD:

"This CD is very special, because this is my first duo CD. It gives me the chance to record a few of my favourite songs in a small formation. We used only one guest musician per song. We tried to make our version of these songs as simple as possible. 'So that the pure sound of the guitar and voices might stand out. That you might drift into the story and feel the mood of the moment.' Most of the songs on this CD are recorded for easy listening. We chose mostly slower songs and we tried to give them all a little touch of Blues."

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Get On Your Knees And Pray

Big Daddy Wilson & The Mississippi Grave Diggers


1. San Francisco Bay
2. Hand It Over
3. Hard Times
4. Help Me
5. Railroad Worksong
6. You Can Love Yourself
7. Summertime
8. Swing Low
9. Big Boss Man
10. Tell Ol' Bill
11. Summertime: Remix
12. Railroad Worksong: Remix

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